Distilled with Cantabrian


DESTILERÍA SIDERIT S.L. Is a micro-distillery located in Cantabria (North of Spain), which produces gin and vodka in a traditional way.


From the beginning the Siderit distillery was born with a clear idea, its founders wanted to elaborate distillates of the highest quality, with the best raw materials and with the delicacy necessary to obtain products able to delight the palates more select.


From the sum of three fundamental pillars: good quality raw materials and the best technology, Siderit spirits are born; a synonym for quality, exclusivity and perfection.


Among the botanists used to make the gin Siderit is the port tea, Sideritis Hyssopifolia in Latin, which gives the name to the distillery.


This plant is endemic to the Picos de Europa valley, in the north of Spain, and brings a unique character to the gin, accentuating the local character of the same.


Likewise, the natural mineral water used in it’s production is granted to have the lowest mineral content in the Iberian Peninsule. It comes from Ortigosa del Monte at the northern slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama. A totally pure water capable of providing stability in our distillates over the years.


For the distillation, is used a reflux fractional distillation column, entirely constructed of borosilicate glass.


This equipment combines the essence of a traditional alembic with the latest technologies to obtain pure distillates without any residue in their analytics.


Our products have a recognized prestige and numerous awards, which only reinforce our commitment to excellence.



• Silver Medal in packaging: San Francisco Spirits Awards Competition in 2014

• Bronze Product Medal: San Francisco Spirits Awards Competition in 2014

• Exceptional Gold Medal to the best Gin Tonic:

• International Wine & Spirit Competition of London 2015

• Gold Medal in product: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles



• Exceptional Gold Medal to the best Gin Tonic: Gin Jubilee Kuala Lumpur 2016



• Gold Medal in Product: San Francisco Spirits Awards Competition in 2014

• Silver Medal: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles2014


Our company also has the following awards.


• SODERCAN's 2016 Globalízate Award to the company with the greatest international projection.

• Revelation Award 2016 by the magazine Actualidad Económica.

• Horeca 2016 Prize; awarded by the Hospitality Association of Cantabria